The Challenge

Mining companies spend 20% to 50% of their annual operating budgets on equipment repair and maintenance, and all too often, Reliability Engineers don’t have enough information to diagnose and prevent catastrophic equipment failures. That’s where artificial intelligence — and specifically machine learning — can help. But mining equipment operates in diverse, dynamic conditions that complicate the implementation of AI. That's why Rithmik Solutions created Asset Health Analyzer.

The Solution:Asset Health Analyzer

Rithmik AHA runs a virtual model of a healthy asset alongside its physical counterpart. When operations of the actual equipment deviate even slightly from their ideal, the algorithm detects these deviations far earlier than would be possible without machine learning techniques.

It reveals both the subtlest and not-so-subtle anomalies and indicators, along with patterns, trends and associations that could otherwise go unnoticed. The resulting insights pave the way for new and unconventional concepts, designs and ideas that make it possible to discover very early indicators for any machine operational anomaly.

With such deep understanding, companies can address root causes of equipment failures to save tens of millions every year. To learn more,

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Our Executive Team

We have extensive experience in engineering, mining and all aspects of data analysis and collection from heavy machinery all over North and South America.

Kevin Urbanski, CEO, P.Eng.

B.Sc. Computer Engineering

Kevin Urbanski has 9 years of experience delivering value to mining operations, implementing powerful mobile equipment monitoring software and increasing the efficiency of payload throughput. He has worked in mines all over North and South America, and he’s passionate about applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to mining-specific problems.

Kris Isfeld, CEO

B.A. Mathematics, B.Sc. Computer Science

Kris Isfeld has 11 years of industrial software experience, 8 of those in mining. He designed and implemented the Honeywell Mobile Equipment Monitor DataLogger software, which collected “real-time” data from mining mobile equipment. Installing and supporting that software took him to several North American mines. In addition, he has 8 years of leadership, management and executive experience as the VP of Engineering with Investopedia.

Amanda Truscott, CCO

B.A. English, Master of Journalism

Amanda Truscott’s writing has appeared in national newspapers and magazines. She’s the author of Creative Unblocking: Bypass Self-Doubt, Tap Your Genius and Complete Your Best work, and she has travelled across North America helping advertising agencies and marketing departments be more productive and profitable. She also spent several years designing online and in-person software training. 

What we do

AI Solutions

Rithmik’s algorithms shed light on the root causes of heavy equipment failure, yielding increased clarity, unconventional insights, and the ability to take early action on what might otherwise be expensive, major breakdowns.

Data Gathering

We’ll identify the best way to collect data from your equipment and initiate the collection process.

Data Storage

We'll keep your data secure while making sure you can access it when you need it.

Data Analysis and Visualisations

We’ll present your data in a way that makes it easy to understand and act on.

Got Data?

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