About Us

About Us


Rithmik is a mining technology company

Co-founded by Kevin Urbanski, Amanda Truscott, and Kris Isfeld, with extensive experience in mining operations, mobile equipment monitoring, and software design. Kevin specialises in AI and machine learning, while Kris is a veteran in mining software design. Together, they aim to transform the mining industry with cutting-edge solutions, optimising productivity and profitability for clients. Rithmik is committed to delivering value and achieving client goals through innovative technology.

Maximise productivity and control costs with unparalleled visibility

Rithmik delivers value almost immediately, even for mines that have only just started to collect data.

RITHMIK Solutions

Our Partners

Kevin Urbanski

Co-Founder and CEO

B.Sc. Computer Engineering

Kevin Urbanski has 11 years of experience delivering value to mining operations, implementing powerful mobile equipment monitoring software and increasing the efficiency of payload throughput. He has worked in mines all over North and South America, and he’s passionate about applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to mining-specific problems.

Kris Isfeld

Co-Founder and CTO

B.A. Mathematics, B.Sc. Computer Science

Kris Isfeld has 12 years of industrial software experience, 9 of those in mining. He designed and implemented the Honeywell Mobile Equipment Monitor DataLogger software, which collected “real-time” data from mining mobile equipment. Installing and supporting that software took him to several North American mines. In addition, he has 8 years of leadership, management and executive experience as the VP of Engineering with Investopedia.

Amanda Truscott

Co-Founder and COO, P.Eng.

B.A. English, Master of Journalism

Amanda Truscott is a published author and former Senior Consultant for creative agencies. She spent several years designing and delivering training for enterprise software. She brings a unique and human-centred approach to industrial transformation.