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Rithmik is a mining technology company

The most advanced AI-powered analytics system purpose-built for mobile mining equipment.

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What We Do

We’ll present your data in a way that makes it as easy as possible to understand and act on, providing our own dashboards or feeding insights through your existing tools.

We’ll keep your data secure while making sure you can access it when you need it.

We’ll work with partners to identify the best way to collect data from your equipment and consult with you throughout the data collection process.

Rithmik’s algorithms shed light on the root causes of heavy equipment failure, yielding increased clarity, unconventional insights, and the ability to take early action on what might otherwise be expensive, major breakdowns.

Types of Rithmik Insights and How They Can Drive Action

Early and New
Indicators of Issues

Early insights of things going wrong. Formerly unobtainable insights such as indicators of failure modes that OEM alarms don’t cover at all.

How? Alerts and weekly reports to road maintenance team.

PM and Maintenance Improvement Opportunities

See quickly if maintenance action has fixed an issue or not. Identify improvements that can be made to overall maintenance planning.

How? Monitor on condition as opposed to hours. Alerts to maintenance dispatch, reliability team. Also, general recommendations from Rithmik.


Decrease wear from suboptimal driver behaviour.

How? Alerts and weekly reports to operator trainers.

Road Conditions
and Mine Design

Understand where improvements can be made to decrease wear on the equipment and decrease haul cycle times.

How? Alerts and weekly reports to road maintenance team


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