Our Solution

The most advanced AI-powered analytics system purpose-built for mobile mining equipment.

The major cause of downtime for mines around the world is the lack of actionable information needed by the mine maintenance teams to diagnose and prevent asset failure. Mining companies typically spend a massive 20% – 50% of annual operating budgets on equipment repair and maintenance, and reduced yield from downtime has an even greater financial impact.

Maximise productivity and control costs with unparalleled visibility

Rithmik delivers value almost immediately, even for mines that have only just started to collect data. The result?
Increased equipment availability
Lower maintenance
Reduced fuel burn
by up to 15%

Explore the power of AI-driven Predictive Maintenance:

  • Captures deviations from normal operation and the failure mode signatures from the equipment.
  • Works with the data collection systems and reporting platforms mines want to use, which means you can get insights without adding screens or having to tear out what’s already in place.
  • Works with any brand of mining mobile equipment.
  • Doesn’t require any added sensors or hardware.
  • Provides earlier, more accurate alarms with no threshold-setting required. 
  • Provides performance comparisons across equipment types, brands, models, and geographies.
  • Identifies operator behaviours that are causing issues to the equipment as well as instances in which mechanics are not addressing the root causes of broken equipment.
  • Identifies inefficiencies, thereby allowing an operator to improve fuel burn and ultimately decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Cutting-edge technology that cuts through the noise.

Challenges in Predictive Maintenance today:

  • Lack of skilled analysts to perform in house ML/AI and data analytics, and/or data analysts lacking machine knowledge
  • Data overload from multiple sensors to allow even best SMEs to perform conditions monitoring
  • OEM sensors often too late or non-existent to predict/prevent unplanned maintenance

Rithmik uses Artificial Intelligence to create a model of how a piece of equipment should operate when it’s functioning at its best. By comparing this model to how the actual equipment is performing, we can identify potential issues and predict when maintenance is needed before a breakdown occurs. This system can be customised to different mining environments using our proprietary infrastructure, ensuring highly-accurate results.

The 3 major components that make us different are:

  • Unparalleled accuracy: An approach that combines proprietary data processing methods, a rapid analytics infrastructure and resilient algorithms for reliable, tuned-to-site results.
  • Expert team: A team with decades of experience in mines and deep expertise in AI, software, cybersecurity and systems integration.
  • Seamless Integration: Rithmik integrates with your existing systems and processes, ensuring smooth implementation and minimal disruption.